Born after a period of time with a lot of UTIs and a lack of cute, good quality, affordable underwear - LELELÊ embodies the idea that the material of your panties can dictate a crucial part in the well beingdown there. 

We produce our underwear using Peruvian Pima cotton - a material that is considered to be one of the softest and finest in the world - providing an intimate blend that hands over an incredibly soft, durable and healthy fabric.

Our top-quality, impeccably produced, environmentally conscious, manufactured goodies have a confortable yet sexy design - generating the proper comfort and care woman deserve. Our products are carefully created to make you look and feel good.

This project is about health, comfort and well-being ◡̈.


We use organic Pima cotton produced in a land free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants when it comes to underwear. We use organic cotton in our clothing. We always work with eco-friendly dyes.

Our goodies are made in small quantities by fairly payed hands in Lima, Peru.

This project started with panties, but this project is in constant evolution, looking for expansion in every single way. We aim to keep creating new everyday essentials that promise comfort and design.